Separation and control device SSU1-ET, SSU2-ET

Separation and control device SSU * -ET is intended for the separation of intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe circuits. The input signal of the intrinsically safe circuit is a “contact” with the rectifier diode, and the output signal of the non-intrinsically safe circuit is the state of two pairs of NO / NC contact contacts. The device is powered by 24VDC/AC.
It can be used for:
– separation of intrinsically safe circuits from non-intrinsically safe circuits,
– remote control of contacts, sensors or devices operating in circuits security or control circuits,
– controlling, switching on, switching off or blocking electrical devices,
– signaling of the operation status of contacts and interlocks.
The separator is equipped diagnostics of line condition. Diagnostics by displaying a diode indicates: short-circuit or break, lowering the ground fault resistance Rd, lowering the insulation resistance Rr between the lines L1 – L2, or exceeding the permissible resistance Rs of the L1 – L2 loop. The factory setting of resistance is: Rs ≤ 600Ω, Rr ≥ 2000Ω, Rd ≥ 2000Ω.

Download: Separation and control device SSU1-ET, SSU2-ET