The ventilation sluice

The door off ventilation sluice type T-350

The passage door for people

The door of ventilation sluice is opened and closed with an electric actuator. The actuator is powered by an alternating current power installation with a rated voltage of 3x500VAC (from 220VAC to 1000VAC as an option) through an electrical switch WE.
1. The movement of the door off ventilation sluice can be blocked by emergency stop switches located on both sides of the dam.
2. The drives of the ventilation lock are controlled by means of:
– manual control buttons with mode switches located on both sides of the door there;
– remote control with of foto-optical sensors using a personal lamp;
– remote control sensors on the transport route;
– manual control buttons with priority, e.g. from the control room.
3. The ventilation sluice are equipped with optical-acoustic signaling and lighting.
4. Electrical equipment of the ventilation sluice can be used in non-explosive fields, methane fields of mining plants in excavations classified as „a”, „b” or „c” explosion hazard, in a gas environment belonging to explosion group I or in rooms with a risk of coal dust explosion. Meets the requirements for explosion-proof devices and can be used as a group I equipment in the M2 category.

Download: The ventilation sluice